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Software Specialist | Leadership Lover | Air Cadets Adult Volunteer | .NET Nerd | Alliteration Amateur. #GoForIt

About Nicky Vadera

Muscular, 6'6" lover of fun seeks partner in cri..Oh wait, sorry, wrong advert. Let's start again.

Hi! I'm Nicky Vadera, a software and web development professional who has a passion for leadership theory, volunteers with the RAF Air Cadets and always gets the time just right for a dippy egg.

I currently work as a Solution Architect for Sitecore, primarily dealing with all things Content Hub

My previous experience working for Heart Radio as a Presenter and Stage Host makes me an effective and confident communicator with bags of personality. My spare time is spent between cycling and volunteering as an officer within the RAF Air Cadets - which also helps to constantly develop my leadership, organisation and management skills.

If you are looking for someone who can lead, be decisive, has a strong technical background whilst bringing a sense of fun and has that seldom used, but always appreciated skill of making a mean dippy egg, in the words of George Michael “I'm your man!”.

I'm going to stop now before this starts sounding like a profile. I realise I've made the same joke twice, but I feel like if you're still reading at this point, we're good enough friends that you'll let it slide this time. Talking of our new friendship, why not make it Facebook official? Check out my profiles below